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Making art allows me to explore how the different aspects of life affect people’s decision-making process, and, more specifically, what affects my own choices.

My work is primarily organic, inspired by nature and by the natural connections that we have with other people and our surroundings. What most interests me is how relationships that I have with other people, with my community and my environment, and with myself, influence how I make my decisions.
How much control do we have over our options and how much is dictated by circumstances beyond our control? How does the mind fit into it all? How much control can I affect?
My sculptures are physical manifestations of the thought patterns that direct my decisions; abstractions of the paths that I follow. These sculptures interact both with the spaces they occupy and the spaces they create: just like people have to consider both their surroundings and the effect they have on what is around them.

I love to take the jumbled up thoughts in my head and translate them into sculptures.



Contact me

+1 773 941 21 73


Sites I Recommend:

Firebird Community Arts

Galesburg Civic Art Center

Chicago Sculpture International

Guy Nicol Photography For Artists

Jyoti Srivastava: Public Art in Chicago

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Sculpture and Other Work Inspired by Jumbled Up Thoughts